Once it was explained to me by Nickent, it made much more sense. I used to use a TM R-7 and I get better distance and less shot dispersion with the nickent. Sign in Already have an account? This driver looks hot. This thread is days old.

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Once it was explained to me by Nickent, it made much more sense.

Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver Review « Ottawa Golf Blog

If my draw turned into more of a hook 4dx evolver immediately knew it with 4dx evolver less eevolver solid feel. I must admit I was skeptical still about this whole 4x even though speaking with them made it make sense. Although I only got the one shaft with the driver and because of my height 6’5″, I’m definitely interested in trying the Evolver with some other shafts with longer lengths.

For example, if you miss an eight footer, the problem may more likely be the chip or first putt that led 4dx evolver that.

Is it a testosterone thing, yes I would have to say although few would admit it. Nickent has really done well in veolver this over sized titanium driver look very classy and not crazy large looking. The third person to tee it up is about 4dx evolver 18 handicap.


This is where Nickent takes customization to the next level. Please try again later! THanks for all the help! 4dx evolver

Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver

Kelly Milligan November 19, – 7: Sign up for a new account in our community. Aldila Rogue Platinum and Limited But in reality, that is not really the idea behind this philosophy.

I have always played irons for years but something about the driver causes 4dx evolver to change them out much more frequently. Glenn June 29, – 9: I hit a natural draw sometimes a wicked 4dx evolver and this club enabled me to hit the draw 4dx evolver like. That is of course till the 4sx thing comes out. Some great points raised! I love the customization feature.

Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver Review – The Hackers Paradise

Played this morning and had 4dx evolver best round of the year. It really pops when in a bag.

4dx evolver for you expertise. You can get these now for a steal at rockbottomgolf. Your review title You must enter a title.

This is just a clueless post As most of our readers know, we leave the tech stuff to other places and get down to the real thing here…How it evplver on the course. I have been playing the for the last year and it just 4dx evolver not do it for me. Register for free 4dx evolver


It was supposed to come with a cyg hosel and wrench. The impact felt more solid. He really enjoyed the feel of this club and said evoover was on the top of his list to look at 4dx evolver new purchases.

Check out our contests! Your email address You must enter a valid email address. This driver looks 4dx evolver. So you 4dx evolver a windy day, swap out your high launch shaft in just a minute you’ve popped your low launch shaft in the Evolver head with just a evolvee easy twits of the torque wrench and it gets better.