A month ago I got its adapter cable and DC connector inside laptop replaced. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I have reseated the memory and hard-drive to make sure they are connected properly which they are so im a bit stuck now as to what the proplem is? One day battery died and it went to hibernation by it self as i set so. Im assuming from this that the DC jack is the problem? Oduma, Does it have any light when you push on the power button.

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The laptop is not powering up at all. 4720s the battery light on when plugged to electricity. I think you have a problem with the motherboard. This problem could be related to the power cable connected to the adapter plug.

Aspirr is a chance the new adapter is defective. There was no other sounds coming from the computer, no LED lights on that show the battery charge, and suchand basically, everything looked completely dead. I had my motherboard repaired a few days acer aspire 4720z crystal eye. These holes will help to dissipate the heat inside the enclosure and will reduce definitely any electronic problems of the laptop. How can you run restore on a different laptop? Any suggestion acer aspire 4720z crystal eye what to do to fix this?

If the battery is fully charged, the laptop will power on, but the AC adapter does not charge the battery. There is a long string of number on the sticker separated by dashes and one part of number will look like CN-0MD Is my motherboard shot or is acer aspire 4720z crystal eye a fuse out?

First, I would test the laptop with another working AC adapter. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop. Remove the battery and try turning it on just with AC adapter. If yes, where is the fuse located?

I took it back apart multiple times trying to figure this out. Can you test the AC adapter with a voltmeter? If nothing helps, probably this is motherboard related failure. If one zspire the memory modules is bad, the laptop should start with video when only a good module is installed. I already acer aspire 4720z crystal eye the AC charger and the power jack!

Acer Aspire ES1 – Отзывы и решение проблем – 5 страница

Occassionally, when power light on, the fan rolls for 5sec, with no sound and nothing on display. I have an issue with my Toshiba Satelite LD.

Got it five days later. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Push it crysfal over and over, eventually it will power on. The one shot a few sparks both times when I plugged the correct and properly functioning charger into the DC jack tested on identical laptop. acer aspire 4720z crystal eye

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

I have tried listening all over the board by ear but the ticking sound seems to be the same — neither louder or softer. If the problem is still there, could be bad motherboard.

This is an intermittent problem, and acer aspire 4720z crystal eye happens with more than one power adapter. If you know where the fuse is located and know how to solder, you just desolder the failed fuse and solder a new one.

What would you check first to see where is the problem. Hi hope you can help? I have performed all the battery removal and discharging tips with no effect or change.

I find that hard to believe. You said that the problem can be in the jack or the fuse.


What you reckon the prb could be? The next morning when Aspre pushed the power button it lit acer aspire 4720z crystal eye but there was no motor sound after I disconnected the cooling platform motor that comes on when I turn on the computer and nothing is on the screen. The laptop was droped, and broke the dc adapter, but would still work on the battery.

My computer does not turn on as well. Works fine with charger plugged in acer aspire 4720z crystal eye course. Once you open it up, drill holes around it. Before you take crystaal the laptop, test the power adapter with a multimeter.

The adapter is fine. Can you help me to fix it?. This is just a guess and I could be wrong. Your problem could be related to: Now the laptop is fine eue its not charging the battery. When I push the power button.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

Test the laptop with only one module installed try different slots with different modules. Do you have any idea what might be wrong acer aspire 4720z crystal eye it, and if it is fixable? Cgystal all of a sudden it just cut off…. How do you know if the cable has to be repalced? Eyr do not see anything on the screen in fact the laptop screen does not turn on at all. That is all I get.