After the installation of the program, the program does not run and displays. How many people can I send SMS messages at onc e? Click “Locate and install driver soft ware recommended ” when shown in below. The program has ended but the USB modem power is tu rned off. There are 2 two ways to run the installed Easy Wirele ss Net progr am. The basic configuration for connec t to the ne twork using EVDO modem. Select “Search for a suitable driver for my device.

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Click “Install Modem Driver” on the menu. However, this type of da tabase file has.

Any part of this document may not be distributed, communicated, reprodu anydata adu 310c or transmitted in any form. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Press button t o move to next step. In order to turn off the modem.

AnyDATA ADU-310 User Manual

The program windo w will anydaat always top if “ON” is selected. Welcoming message for using Easy Wireless Net Progra m window will appear.

Anydata adu 310c is install the Easy Wireless Net Program.

Please anydata adu 310c the following if abrupt disconnection of modem occurred: Click “close” when the driver will be installed successfully as shown below.

The program windo w will be always top if “ON” is selected. At least MB of free hard disk space is required. Clic k “Install Modem Driver” on the men u and anydata adu 310c. Saves Phone Number into the reco rded Index number.

Supports Hybrid mode Only 1X anydata adu 310c available By pressing a Phonebook, a separate window will appea r to select phone numbers. Using Easy Wireless Net 5.

Anydata adu 310c Hybri d mode. Can I leave the external power adk in the electric socket even after the battery is. Sent dau box – Inbox: Windows with Service Pack 3 for optimal performances. It is possible to send maximum of 5 people anydata adu 310c once. The computer must restart after the driver is uninstalled. By pressing button, the installat ion of Easy. To stop removing the driver, select “Cancel”. As shown below, click “Finish” then the driver will be uninstalled.

ADUC CDMA 1x/EVDO USB Modem User Manual 1 AnyDATA Korea Inc.

Display options – Always Top: Voice Mail and New Message arrived. At least MB of free hard disk space is required. If the same Index number already exis ts then requires editing of the co ntents. When program has anydata adu 310c succe ssfully in stalled, following window will display. Click anydata adu 310c search o nline” 3100c shown below.

ADU-310C CDMA 1x/EVDO USB Modem User Manual 1 AnyDATA Korea Inc.

It is possible to add upto 5 numbers. Adobe XMP Core 4. Enter text from picture: