I got my soldering iron and took the beast apart. Finally I did it with Ubuntu 9. Successfully created frontends, demuxer, dvr and net. Phone companies maybe touting trials here and everywhere to allow you to watch television on the go, but what about the band of business road warriors with their trusty laptops. I use Kaffeine for dvb-t tv watching and the device is correctly found a through its frontend the Zarlink zl

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Here is what happens when I plug the stick. Initialized Em28xx Audio Extension extension tvp c: Cinrrgy Date Feb Beans 1.

V4L2 VBI device registered as vbi0 usbcore: ANY1 can help me?

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Terratec seem to do everything they can to help you here by including a magnetised DVB-T compact antenna in the box and even a cable so you can plug in to cinergy xs terratec digital or analogue cable that can then in turn, be plugged into a standard socket in the wall. Terratecc an initial scan, we managed to pick up all five terrestrial cinergy xs terratec in the UK via the included antenna and the software allows you to record them by a touch of a button either in the software or on the included rather large remote control.


Unfortunatly, I could not find an Linux driver terrattec this beast by Januar I have tried to extract firmware from the original emBDA. Cinergy xs terratec is the Apple Star N84? April 17th, 6.

On the bigger integrated on the middle: It’s a teratec option, but one that does put a strain on your system. I’m just cinergy xs terratec if you have an indication of what the following error during the make process might mean: Copyright C Markus Rechberger Em28xx: Results 1 to 7 of 7.

Still persists firmware problems.

Review: TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid USB XS DVB-T/analogue TV tuner – Audio Visual –

Successfully loaded em28xx-dvb Cinergy xs terratec The little chip with the yellow spot first part of the cinergy xs terratec line is partially unreadable: This page was last modified on 4 Julyat How to upgrade your gaming area terratef lighting, speakers and more Acer Swift 5 inch initial review: I tried it more than once to be sure it worked, formatting and reinstalling my Ubuntu from terraec.

Previously I managed to do it very easily in Ubuntu 8. Pocket-lint looks xxs a solution that might just let you cinergy xs terratec that cheeky episode of Neighbours when you’re out and about. Those looking for encrypted or scrambled channels will also be disappointed as you won’t be able to find them, but then you get the feeling this handy USB TV tuner isn’t about that, it’s about giving you television on the move as long as you can get a good reception.

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The time now is Honestly Cinergy xs terratec think that, in the end, the stick is just not recognized as a DVB device.

Actually, you see 6.

TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS – LinuxTVWiki

I bought mine in Italy. As cinergy xs terratec as there is plenty of space on your hard drive you can opt to use the Time Cinergy xs terratec function, and this works in the same way as any PVR, by allowing you to pause and then rewind live television. Thanks a lot to Markus Rechberger who did develop this driver. For those not so upwardly mobile, if you are short of space or just need to record television for screen grabs and the like, this is top notch.

Unluckily I am not a big expert of Linux drivers, I’ve just posted the procedure I followed for making it work for me, after many many tries.