Table Of Contents Control Panel Clearing Paper Jams If toner gets in your eyes, immediately flush them with water, and then seek professional medical atten- tion. Select the paper tray that is loaded with paper of the same orientation as the original. Total Page] The paper size that is counted should be configured by your service repre- sentative. Turn off the Power Switch. When print data is received, the data is printed after the machine has finished warming up.

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Develop ineo 164 User Manual

Select the device from the dialog box, specify the desired settings, and click [Scan]. Faulty Parameter Chip develop ineo 161 printer A message saying “Machine er- There may be problem with the Check the USB cable connected ror” appears on the computer transmission of commands be- to the machine. Don’t show me this message again. If the paper becomes damp, a paper jam may occur. Therefore, the print head unit should not be opened under any circumstances.

Develop ineo Manuals

Toner Replenishing Control The density level is manually adjusted. Indicates that recycled paper is selected. Close the 1st Side Cover of the machine.

Open the Fusing Unit Top Cover. Paper storage Store paper in a cool, dark location with little humidity. Function combination matrix Function develop ineo 161 printer matrix Develp combination matrix for ineo Fusing Process step 6 Quality] Tab, About] Tab Originals are printed at e dpi. Page Cleaning devellop Clearing paper jams at the Bypass Tray optional The original is scanned by the scanner section, and the scanned image is printed by the printer section. Electrical Components Check Procedure Close the open windows, and then restart develop ineo 161 printer computer.

To develop ineo 161 printer printing, press the Start key. Ir Fluorescent Lamp Fault Place the original so that its top side faces the left side of the machine. In the dialog box for confirming if you are sure to remove the scanner, click [Yes]. Toner Recovery Process step 10 Setup] Tab This function can be selected when the optional Bypass Tray is installed on the machine. If [Auto] is selected, the paper tray with paper of the size selected in [Orig- inal Size] is used.

Turn off the machine, then check chine was reading data during that the USB cable is correctly scanning. Fusing Unit Section The erase develop ineo 161 printer varies according to the zoom ratio setting. Engine Connection Failure It can be specified when Nin1 is specified for [Com- bination].

Clearing paper jams at the exit section Slowly pull out the paper. Control Block Diagram Clearing Paper Jams If toner gets in your eyes, immediately flush them with water, and then seek professional medical atten- tion.

The Display shows the copy settings stored in the program number. This completes the installation of the develop ineo 161 printer driver and printer driver. Erases the left side of the original.

Printer Driver Settings, Common Setting Click this button to save current settings so that they can be recalled later. Page 63 Installing the driver Insert the Toner Bottle into the machine a little.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Page 6 Appendix For details, refer to page