Otherwise, I think you can get it down to 8 ms. The 48KHz mode recording has been tested, too. Sort things out by yourself. I wanted a unit that worked fine and was stable The prevailing sound system for the current Linux is ALSA, which is a relatively under-documented system.

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About synchronizing all three cards together.

I do not actually speak asound. Well, actually xiphmont remains rather modest, because he himself updated the drivers and made them available. However, this is something which ALSA probably cannot obey.

I often have to reinstall the soundcard because it isn’t recognized anymore. Can I write card 77 instead of it?

Re: emagic emi 6|2m USB audio/midi interface

Include it among your choices of digital soundcards. It’s discreet and doesn’t color sound. Low latency, 6 inputs, MIDI. Sort things out by yourself.

Emagic EMI 6/2m and REAKTOR 4 Standalone

As the result, the politically correct but non-working Linux firmware will be overridden by the latest emi62m firmware. Very good sound quality. No issues under XP. Emagic A62m [ I realized that after trying 5 or 6 different cables.

Read the other reviews The Jack and XLR connectors could’ve emagic emi 6 2m of better quality, even if it meant having a bigger soundcard. Once you update and load the drivers into your pc for the interface you will be good to go and emagic emi 6 2m use this for any single daw or program that you prefer to use. No need to hand it is alone. I had lots of issues with an M-Audio Audiphileit wasn’t reliable.

I am not sure what they sell for today or what they are used.


There are some well known tricks to connect USB multimedia devices, one of these emagi that emagic emi 6 2m device emagic emi 6 2m to be on a separate USB controller. These are the audio modes usable for multichannel meagic cited as printed in original manual: It works better, but the installation is very chaotic even if you strictly follow the recommendations in the manual. This card isn’t the best for my needs audio only without a mixer, so I need software monitoring. I wanted a unit that worked fine and was stable Emagic Emi 6 2 M.

As long as the installation is stable, it works fine. Under XP, it’s a pain. The dilemma is, which emagic emi 6 2m cabling to use — a sequential one from Unit 1 to Unit 2 and then again from Unit 2 to Unit e,i Emagic GmbH [ Email required Address never made public.

These are his pages written on the topic: It works very well with audio, with a very low latency. He advocates for old but extremely stable Emagic emi6 2 USB soundcards.

New USB device strings: