The two mounting pins are located on the sides of the ribbon release levers. Fujitsu Wearable devices allow hands free operation of tasks enabling the ability to digitize information from people, objects and environments. Separate and remove the sensor PCA from the two saddles by using long-nosed pliers. Flap Replacement 7 Flap replacement Removal 1. Produits Ordinateurs blocs-notes et PC tablettes Ordinateurs de bureau et stations de travail Imprimantes matricielles. Motor Control And Drivers 5. The HEX-DUMP function is useful for checking whether your computer is sending the correct commands to the printer and whether the printer is executing the commands correctly.

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Remove 8 screws fixing lower guide at base side and front and rear side. Difference of teeth position shall be less xl3400 1 teeth. The cut sheet paper placed on the paper table, which is not fujitsu dl3400 in the figure below, against the fujitsu dl3400 roller in the cut sheet feeding slot is fed between the fujitsu dl3400 transport roller and first nip roller, which are driven by the LF motor, and pulled by the second transport roller and second nip roller.

Remove the bearings and slide in the fujitsu dl3400 of allow then remove it. Proper cable forming of card guide. After cleaning, lubricate moving parts. Install the relay cable by reversing fujitsu dl3400 removal procedure. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


Fujitsu Impact 3650 Maintenance Manual

The rotation direction fujitsu dl3400 initial excitation phase are set in the control register of the stepping motor control circuit and simultaneously current specification data is written to the current specification register as needed. Remove the belt clamp.

The card fujitsu dl3400 has two sensors: Option And Consumables Cut-sheet feeders A cut-sheet feeder allows both single-part cut fujitsu dl3400 and multi-part cut sheets to be fed automatically. Table Of Contents 4.


Check the impact printer inside for fujitsu dl3400 particles, dust, and dirt, and remove these as explained below. For replacement and adjustment after recovery, see Chapter 4. The space motor is rotated as fujirsu Page 3 Cut sheet paper feed operation Figure 5.

Current flows to the head drive transistor for a period longer than specified. Check the gap between fujitsu dl3400 print head and paper after APTC function is operated. Remove the E ring of both side and Nip gear fujitsu dl3400 the left side. The LF motor operates for both cut sheet paper fujitsu dl3400 continuous forms to rotate the first and fujitsu dl3400 transport rollers and platen roll.

Therefore the purpose of this work is for increasing space for the work which removes a spring, it is omissible. Stretch the left and right sides of the stacker frame outward to disengage the stacker plate projections from the frame. The print head is fastened to the carriage by the lock wire.


IT Products and Systems – Fujitsu United States

Control Circuit Operation 5. Installation Belt Clamp 1. Lift up the printer fujitsu dl3400 the grip at right and left of the printer. Carriage drive Print head drive Paper feed Figure 5.

fujitsu dl3400 Inspection Fujitsu dl3400 Unpacking 2. Page [Error detection circuit] Over current detection If the space motor, line feed motor, or tractor motor current exceeds the respective absolute rated value, an over current detection signal is sent to the HDLSI. Page 22 – Problems at power-on initialization par Front cover Figure 4. This chapter explains the maintenance levels 1 and 2 for cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and cujitsu of the Impact fujitdu 4.

Page 40 Page 41 – Cut Sheet Feeder removal and installatio Each adjustment value exists independently in each adjustment mode. Outline Fujitsu dl3400 Printed Circuit Boards 5.

Don t touch the print head still cool. Page 80 Proper cable forming of card guide. Disconnect fujitsu dl3400 AC switch assembly connector, reactor connector, and power supply unit connector, then remove the power supply unit. Turn off the fujitsu dl3400 power.