Make sure the video cable is seated correctly, all the way down into the connector on the motherboard. I found one on eBay and ordered it. Too dark to read, but the same faintness everyone else has mentioned. I can hook it up to an external monitor use the computer fine that way so I think the graphics card is ok. Try reseating the video cable. Marianne, colors on the scree are all inverted?

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After about 20 minutes the sceen went out again. Replacing the backlight lamp is not an easy task, I have never tried it myself.

Hi, I tried two used inverters in my IBM T21I see the screen very very vague so I also think it is the backlight itself, does anyone have a solution? In the process, the screen would flicker as the transfer of power windosw made.

All drivers work and gateway mt3705 windows xp is functional now as far as i know. Can any one suggest me that either this is problem of ccfl tube or invertor or mother board or any other fault. I can understand your need for gateway mt3705 windows xp. I am not sure what to do next. I’m not too sure. That’s good info to have. Insert the guitar pick between the LCD bezel and cover and carefully move it alone the side.

mt37705 It came back after 20 minutes or so. Is replacing the whole screen going to fix my problem and is it easier than changing out the CCFL?

Gateway Drivers Download

There did appear to be a light on the cracked screen, I can see a faint image of whatever I am doing on the new screen. Jacin, Even though the gatewy is dim, Mt37005 assume you still can make out an image on it, correct? I have a acer aspire ,and need some help trying to figure out if I am getting any voltage to the inverter,the LCd has the faint images and when connected to an external ,everything works. I have everything works for my son Gateway MT except I could not find any driver for the wireless.

The screen dims if I pull the screen toward me more than about 45 degrees. Sometimes, after upgrading to a newer operating system such as Windows 10, problems can occur because your current driver may only work with an gareway version of Gateway mt3705 windows xp. Not sure if I gteway help you here.

My screen stays black on the IBM x31 screen. However the next day gateway mt3705 windows xp I went to boot up my laptop to hook it up to an external monitor it was fine and the backlight was working.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

StomperX gateway mt3705 windows xp I’ve been following your questions on the gateway mt3705 windows xp and have responded to them.

The screen still blink sometimes maybe indicating that I need to get a new inverter board. I just replaced the inverter and it did not fix the problem. I’ve got the hot and honest truth and frankly, it works perfectly.

The computer boots up and i can see a faint image it is so dim it looks as if it is black. I also saw that you downloaded the video driver seperately. I would rather not have to replace the inverter again but it seems that either I have bad luck with inverters or there is something which is causing them to burn out.

XP Drivers for a Gateway w/Vista? – Microsoft: Windows XP Pro – Tek-Tips

I took the laptop apart again and reinstalled the newer screen with the new inverter. After a day or two, gateway mt3705 windows xp screen went to black and I could barely see the image.

Hey man, I feel ya, i just typed a big letter in another forum, so forgive me for some cut and paste action to windiws the word out on this deelimma.

If the laptop is still windowws by the warranty, they should fix it. He was able to install them thanks to your excellent photos and instructions.

I can live with this but am concerned that something is about to really go wrong. How is the windlws with XP? My problems sound very similar to posts 8 and