Since the set of commands that the parser must check for is significantly smaller than the number of commands supported, the parser tables contain only those commands required by the parser. Otherwise the queue will be processed during a context switch interrupt. Robert Wm Ruedisueli 21 2. One use is during GPU reset where the fence register is lost and we need to revoke concurrent userspace access via GTT mmaps until the hardware has been reset and the fence registers have been restored. This table is stored in the vma. Return The number of pages of backing storage actually released.

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It would be inconvenient to split counters up into separate events, only to require userspace intel i915 linux recombine them. Previous How my love intel i915 linux code led me to starting a coding school in Bulawayo. This function enables polling for all connectors, regardless of whether or not they support hotplug detection.

Gen graphics supports a large number of intel i915 linux counters that can help driver and application developers understand and optimize their use of the GPU. Here, we do hotplug irq storm detection and mitigation, and pass further processing to appropriate bottom halves.

Each engine maintains tables of commands and registers which the parser uses in scanning batch buffers submitted to that engine. This function grabs a power domain reference for domain and ensures that the power domain and all its parents are powered up. Called by the user via ioctl.


Check for PCH fifo underruns immediately. This file provides vGPU specific optimizations when running in a virtual machine, to reduce the complexity of vGPU emulation and to improve the overall performance. Allocates and returns a copy of the plane state both common and Intel-specific for the specified plane. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Top level structure of guc.

Intel Continues Landing New i DRM Features For Linux – Phoronix

Returns an inactive buffer from pool with at least size bytes, with the pages pinned. The cmd parser maintains intel i915 linux simple increasing integer version number suitable for passing to userspace clients to determine what operations intel i915 linux permitted. The entry linxu for handling a read on a stream file descriptor from userspace. This section covers plane configuration and composition with the primary plane, sprites, cursors and overlays.

Validates the stream open parameters given by nitel including flags and an array of u64 key, value pair properties.

Also on some other platforms underrun interrupts are shared, which means that if we detect an underrun we ihtel to disable underrun reporting on all pipes. This is especially important on the display side where software is supposed to control many power gates manually on recent hardware, since on the GT intel i915 linux a lot of the power management is done by the hardware.

On gen3 and gen4 platforms have a swizzling pattern for tiled objects which depends upon the intel i915 linux page frame number. Intel i915 linux also Idleness detection should be started again, if no other planes are dirty. Simply put there have been no hardware changes that force forking the driver since the i One example of an alternative view is a stereo display driven by a single image.


Return 1 if Execlists is supported and has to be enabled. It is responsibility of the caller to handle the difference between asking full domain reset versus reset for all available individual intel i915 linux. Normal register access will handle the forcewake domains automatically. Later on, support for other chipset families intel i915 linux HD Graphics was added to the same driver, which makes that nowadays i supports a long list 3 of Intel graphics chipsets.

However, when tiled it does it a little differently, since one walks addresses not just in the X direction but also Y. Each display PHY is made up of one or two channels.

Tuning your Intel graphics card in Ubuntu 16.04

The users of a PLL are tracked and that tracking is integrated with the atomic modest interface. NB Do not change the identifier if it does not match what is above. This is for freeing up virtual address space, not for freeing memory in e. Look at the Linux install instructions: Linhx are using the Padoka PPA.

When execution of a request completes, the GPU updates the context status buffer with a context complete event and generates a context switch interrupt.