Battery is user replaceable. Or use your 3G Bluetooth phone as a wireless modem for better speeds assuming the phone has Bluetooth 2. If you press and hold the launcher button, you’ll activate Sony’s touch command which allows you to do things using on-screen gestures with the stylus. It’s bright and easy to see in the dark, though the backlight is fainter toward the edges. This helps to protect your computer when you are browsing the web or reading e-mail. It was used to track the cell Kyle Reese was being held captive in at Skynet. Soon you’ll discover that Sticky Keys part of the Windows accessibility features is your best friend.

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The UX ships with a mAh battery that slides onto the back comprising the right grip. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: Realtek HD Audio, mono speakers, built-in mic, stereo 3. Lowering the display brightness has a surprisingly small impact uxx380n battery sony vaio ux380n, unlike most notebooks.

The UX is sold locked to Cingular, but we’re told you can still call Sony support sony vaio ux380n get an unlock code should you wish to use another carrier’s SIM card in the Vaio.

Sony Vaio UX Micro PC – Wikipedia

Extended battery available for purchase. And sony vaio ux380n that you’ll find Sony’s launcher button which launches and dismisses their Application launcher more on that later. That said, it’s pretty hard to accidentally move baio power slider when using the UX.

Keep in vvaio this is a palmtop computer and not a 17″ desktop replacement though. Since the UX has no optical drive, that sony vaio ux380n partition is a handy thing.

Virus Protection The included Sony vaio ux380n Internet Security software comes with a day subscription to help you protect your computer from malicious software such as viruses and spyware. The tiny UX even gets its share of added software and trialware you’ll probably want to remove to conserve precious disk space we gained 5 gigs by removing Norton, Sony vaio ux380n Works, a variety of software trials and SQL Server which is used by the Vaio Media Server– which most won’t use on a palmtop computer.

Despite this, I found it fairly easy to type correctly but you don’t have the feeling you’re getting it right with no feedback. Wireless connectivity is a must with a truly mobile Sony vaio ux380n.

Graphics are handled by Intel’s integrated GM which sony vaio ux380n megs of shared system memory Windows reports megs. The 40 gig disk drive has about 15 gigs free as shipped with Windows Vista and bundled full and trial versions of software. On the sony vaio ux380n you’ll see a larger button up top with a smaller button directly below. In the Box As with all UX series models, Sony includes a nice selection of accessories; a good thing given the price and the usual cost of Sony add-ons.

We like that the sony vaio ux380n and travel dongle are included, along with a padded soft case. See any errors on this page? If you plug in an external monitor at x Aero will continue to run, but up the resolution sony vaio ux380n x or higher and it turns off.

That’s ux380m to store required apps, but not enough room for those with extensive iTunes video libraries to go wild.

Sony VAIO UX Series VGN-UXN Micro Computer VGNUXN B&H

The back camera features a 1. What do those controls do? Bluetooth behaves sony vaio ux380n if such a thing can ever be said and the Sony uses Toshiba’s Bluetooth stack. Much has remained unchanged since that model and the UXP that followed it just a few months later.

Sony Vaio UX Micro PC

We ran the PC Mark tests with an external monitor connected, since the graphics test require x resolution. Windows Journal is included with Vista, and that tablet-friendly application is a great way to take handwritten notes that you can turn into text later. Gaming on the UX isn’t the challenge we expected.

The digitizer is accurate, and you’ll want to use the stylus for small on-screen elements because a finger seems vaii compared to that tiny close box and to place your cursor when entering sony vaio ux380n. XBrite technology with sony vaio ux380n screen.

While these numbers aren’t up to today’s fast dual core machines, they’re sony vaio ux380n good for a handtop and comparable to 2 to 3 pound ultralight notebooks other than the integrated graphics, which are a bit lower than average.

This helps to protect your computer when you are browsing the web or reading e-mail.